Obsessed: Refinished Nursery Furniture

Mid Century Painted Dresser by Happy Chapter in Woodland Theme Nursery

Lately I’ve been on a Nursery Furniture kick. I’m loving the fact that we go above and beyond to make the nursery such a warm, cozy and personal environment for our new arriving family members. You know, sometimes the stuff you get at the store just won’t cut it, so you need to create o restore furniture pieces you already have, for this you can Buy Epoxy Resin in Canada with free shipping! and this will help you restore some good pieces of furniture. This week’s obsession is refinished nursery furniture. These are my favorites!
Obsessed: Refinished Nursery Furniture I Happy Chapter

A refinished dresser by Helen Nichole Designs, I’m absolutely in love with this color.


Obsessed: Refinished Nursery Furniture I Happy Chapter

Seriously, how lucky is this little stylish baby that has this gorgeous piece in her room? Unfortunately I couldn’t find the source for this, but it was too cute not to include.


Obsessed: Refinished Nursery Furniture I Happy Chapter
Oooh I’ve been loving this pink blush, and look at this beauty with the classy gold pulls. Redone by Cuckoo4Design. Love.
Obsessed: Refinished Nursery Furniture I Happy Chapter

Bookshelves. Made of drawers. Genius. Addison Meadows Lane details exactly how to get these little gems made too!


Mid Century Painted Dresser by Happy Chapter in Woodland Theme Nursery

I mean if I’m including my favorite, I have to include my last few nursery projects as well, right!? Luci’s MCM Dresser.

Custom Ikea Dresser redo by Happy Chapter

And Harper’s Custom IKEA Dresser that I made for her sassy nursery.

There is just something wonderful about a nursery. Ahhhh, babies! Am I right?

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Obsessed: Fall Paint Colors

If you are anything like me, you know a good paint color can make all the difference. Whether it’s furniture, a wall or even an accessory in a room, color can create the soothing feel or the fun funky feel you are going for. My color preferences literally do change with the seasons, (well in some cases). Choosing the perfect home pillows can be tough, however. There are so many choices: different fills, different shapes, different sizes. Here are my favorite current paint colors. Now, I just need something to paint!!

My Houzz: The Richards

Lake Fayetteville Home

Master Bedroom : Stately Modern Style


Loft Upon Cork

And last but not least, I am just dying to paint something with this gorgeous blush color. I saw it in a cute store called Revival here in Austin and I immediately went home to see what I could paint in our house. I’m thinking Harper’s reading nook table? Hmmm. Here it is on a wall.

My Houzz: A 1920s Dutch Doctor

Ahhhh, paint. Any you know of that I just must see?

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Obsessed: 9 Baby Eating Essentials

9 Baby Eating Essentials When Your Baby Starts Solids I Happy Chapter

I’m starting out my “Obsessed” series with 9 Baby Eating Essentials that I love. Harper wasn’t really into the whole eating thing and let me tell ya…it stressed me out. She was offered solids at 6 months and wouldn’t accept them until 10.5 months, yes you read that right. So if you are currently in this situation and worrying, don’t. Keep trying, but don’t stress. Save yourself the sanity. in case you want to expand your cooking options you can always take a look at the Goodfoodblogph online catalog.

ANYWHO, she eats and drinks whole milk now and there are some pretty cool things out there that we love so I thought I’d share.


Just a note: the ezpz Happy Mat does not fit on the IKEA highchair well, and it doesn’t stay. We use the mat at the table and when we eat out from time to time. The IKEA highchair is a breeze to wipe down, it isn’t a bit fancy, but it does the job! Lastly, the Contigo waterbottle can be a bit heavy to start out with, but once your little one gets the hang of the straw and can lift it, it’s a great non leaking sippy! (you can sometimes find them at Costco as well.)

What are your favorite, can’t live without eating essentials? I mean there HAS to be more cool fun little things to try!


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