Easy Breezy Hipster Dog Halloween Costume

Dog Halloween Costume DIY Hipster I Luna B @ Happy Chapter

Year after year I feel like Halloween costumes just get better and more creative. I’ve never been great at coming up with the best Halloween costumes and I think that makes me sort of dread the whole thing. My husband Mark, on the other hand, is a genius and he has the best ideas. Before we had baby Harper, Luna B was our first “dressing up your baby” experience for Halloween. Here’s a little throwback to Luna’s AWARD WINNING (yup!) Hipster Dog Halloween Costume.

Hipster Halloween Dog Costume I Luna B @ Happy Chapter

This costume was super easy to put together. Here’s what we did.

  • Bought a Doggy Jacket from Homegoods (love that place).
  • Bought a children’s sized hat and some baby socks with a shoe print from Target (love that place too!).
  • Hot glued a Pabst Blue Ribbon can to Luna’s jacket as well as a pack of cigarettes, we don’t smoke but one of our friends donated this to us.
  • Snagged an old pair of glasses from a thrift store.

Hipster Halloween Dog Costume I Luna B @ Happy Chapter

Sorry for the blurry iPhone picture. As you can see, Luna wasn’t entirely impressed with the outfit, but we took her to a dog Halloween party at her doggy daycare and she took home 2nd place! I hope this little outfit doesn’t offend anyone, we just had fun with it and thought Luna looked pretty cute. What creative costumes are you using this year or have you seen?

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