What you’ve got to do before starting a DIY project

DIY, Crafting and Upcycling can definitely be trial and error, which a lot of the time turns to spent dollars washing down the drain. I try super hard to research what I can to make sure I use the right tools and processes before I jump into a project. With that said, who has the time to spend hours combing the internet to figure it all out?!

Most recently, I needed to figure out an easy-ish way to paint our new deck we just built (Well my husband really built it, I “managed” that project if you know what I mean) and added some outdoor furnishing like backyard fire pits.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project or minor home upgrades, it’s essential to do some research in order to get the outcome you have in your vision.¬†To save you guys some time let me share some of my favorite¬†resources to look before I get going on any given project! Let my resources help you before you dive into the next fun DIY!


Inspiration for any project you can even imagine in your wildest dreams. Pinterest.

Pinterest Deck Inspiration

A website that I could scour for hours for inspiration and I totally have. Style By Emily Henderson, so obsessed with her work.

Happy Chapter Inspiration Style by Emily Henderson

Building Plans:

Ana White has countless DIY plans, and they can be found here. Ana White Plans. All the info you need to create something awesome.

Another good one to get step by step instructions. Jen Wood House.

Happy Chapter Where to find plans

This website is excellent, for plans, inspiration and a TON of info on great tools. This is another I could view for days. Shanty2Chic.

Happy Chapter Inspiration


Tools and Supplies (including paint)

The best resource for reviews for me has been Amazon. Unfortunately, you’ve got to read a lot of reviews to get a good gauge on what is what, but hey, a lot of people actually write honest reviews, so that’s a win.

Recently, I wasn’t getting the info on paint guns that I wanted on my Home Depot and Lowes pages, so I found a page that gives information on all sorts of spray paint guns, tons of info can be found on this page, and that was super helpful for me.

Last but not least, if I had a nickel for every DIY Network episode I watched, well, I’d be a bagillionaire. DIY Network website has all kinds of info on whatever problem, question and wonder you’ve got. I HIGHLY recommend that page.

SO…hopefully that helps you, I’m sure I’ve missed some good ones too! So while you share your newest DIY project below, tell me about your favorite resources too and stay tuned for the painted deck, AHHHHH I’m so excited about it!

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