Obsessed: Fabric for our Roman Shades

Fabric for Shades and Curtains Obsessed Series by Happy Chapter

We have a TON of beautiful windows in our open floor plan and I love love the light and the big open-ness of windows without any dressing, but I think I want to do some Roman, well Faux-Roman shades. I’ve been looking at fabric and holy cow! there are SOOOO many wonderful choices out there. I’m having the hardest time narrowing it down. This week I am obsessed with drapery fabric!

So, um, seriously, I think I accomplished something by narrowing it down to 15! I think they would all look really great, even though some of the styles are really really different. A designer at High Cotton Home & Design, gave me a little confidence and told me not to worry too much about styles, just go for what you like. I like that advice, now to just decide which I like the most! I can consult an expert on residential interior design if I need professional advice. Can you guys help on the other things? Which would you go with?


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