Hello everyone,

I’m EXCITED* to be writing this, like mega-excited. My husband is absolutely wonderful, and he has helped figure out a way for me to be a stay at home mommy and pursue my passions and I couldn’t be happier sharing that with you all. I’ve ALWAYS loved antiques, garage sales, design, little ones and DIY.

I love nothing more than making an old piece of furniture new again and the ¬†sense of pride when your new favorite piece was created by you! It’s so satisfying. I’ve been going to garage sales since I was a little one with my Grandmother and Mom. I even learned how to drive doing it, because they would have me drive them allllll around the town. I’ve got a knack for finding the good stuff and I’ve never stopped. I also love thrift stores and craigslist, so I try to find rare finds there as well.

Refinishing and up-cycling is my creative outlet. I’ve always liked to paint art, but sometimes I get a little bit intimidated by the process, with furniture, I just have a blast. I love the character, beauty and limitlessness of Design. Furniture and Design go hand in hand to me.

Here’s my support group, my hubs – Mark & our tiny human, Harper and of course our spunky dog – Luna. I’m a lucky girl!

The Barrera Family

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